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Sun 7″ Now available from your favourite online retailer of digital music!

Hey hey I know y’all are excited for the new 7″ by Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak. Well GUESS WHAT not only am I shipping pre-orders this week, you can get your hands on a digital copy of the 7″ from iTunes, napster, rhapsody, zune, amazon mp3, emusic or whatever else exists now. It’s only .99 cents so if you are one of the mighty hordes of people who have the money to buy a 400 dollar walkman but don’t have 15 lousy dollars for a GLOW IN THE DARK record of which only a hundred copies exist, well this is for you!

HERE IS THE LINK (Canadian store at least)


John The Baptist is Wed!

Photo by Heather Welsh.

Hello friends,

I am proud to announce that yesterday, (9/3/2011) Tyler Carriere aka John The Baptist of the Kingfisher Bluez Recording Company was wed at a private ceremony on Vancouver Island. I was honoured to be his best man and I have a few additional comments to share:

I am lucky enough to have been Tyler’s friend for the last eight years and I can say without a doubt if you had told me in January that I would be here today, typing my best man speech into his laptop the morning after his wedding, I would have believed you. In January, Tyler hadn’t even the faintest premonition of his impending nuptials. He had just moved to the Comox Valley, in hopes of paying off his phone bill before his journey to New York to live out his life as a Carthusian Monk (but that’s another story).

Tyler is the sort of person who dives headlong into everything he does, and I couldn’t be more proud of him for diving into his new life as a husband, father and business owner. Now that he’s taken these vows, he won’t be taking the previously intended vow of silence and I can say that Kingfisher Bluez will be that much richer with his continued presence, his unmistakable voice, and unequivocal passion for life, music and art.

Thank you Tyler, John the Baptist, with all the love in the world. You will always have a home at Kingfisher Bluez!

-Tim the mute

September, 4th 2011

Comox, B.C.



If you pre-ordered, I am sorry about the delays but the records are finally here and will be shipping ASAP. If you didn’t pre-order well then go buy one now from our “very expensive” online store!

PS: If you pre-ordered this record and moved in the last 9 months, please email me your new address!!!







Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak

One Hundred Copies Pressed on Glow-In-The-Dark 7″ Vinyl.

kingfisherbluez at gmail dot com to pre-order for Summer delivery.

Extremely limited quantities!!!

Hand Numbered. /100

Mount Kimbie at The Biltmore 03/26/2011 Reviewed By Heather Welsh

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

English electronic duo Mount Kimbie consists of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. As part of their grand North American tour the Londoners graced The Biltmore on Thursday night and provided the crowd with a decidedly delightful, dreamy dance party. After releasing acclaimed first album Crooks & Lovers the two became known for their ambient soundscapes, their looping and sampling, and the creation of a minimal form of dub-step sometimes referred to as ‘post-dub-step’ which reaches out to indie and dance heads a-like.

Support came from Vancouver’s new-wave indie popsters No Gold and one man and his laptop; Babe Rainbow. At around 12pm the Mount Kimbie guys appeared and the crowd seemed to melt into an appreciative Zen state. Pops, clicks and scratches accompanied gentle melodies and got everyone dancing in a lovely chilled out down-tempo manner. Highlights included the sound-scaping wonder that is  “Before I Move Off”, the dreamy “Carbonated” and the noisy and pushy “Field”. Unfortunately the duo only had an album length set to perform, but hey the future looks bright for these two so that looks set to change.

Mount Kimbie’s tour ends in style at the hot hot Coachella Festival in California April 15th.

Cottage Days featured in String Magazine


The absolute good-looking greatness of Cottage Days is now available to you as an interview with String Magazine. Check it out! I couldn’t be more proud of these guys and I can’t wait to get in the studio with them for real. You guys are all the best! More lathe cut vinyls coming soon from Julian Bowers, Teen Plaque and The Shiny Diamonds! Maybe cottage days too?


Holy WOW! Teen Plaque 7″s are up for pre-order

That’s right, the debut 7″ from KFB megastars Teen Plaque is now up for grabs! There are 50 copies available. They are each one hand-numbered and lathe-cut into a very limited edition vinyl. There aren’t even really fifty because Jamie is getting some and I am getting one or two as well. El Searlo doesn’t need any because he punched his turntable and broke it. To any of my friends or KFB artists who think you will get one just because we share straws in our cherry cokes, well tough noogies because these are limited limited and there are no promos and only the fifty lathe cuts so if you want one better order it now!


The Shiny Diamonds play new song “Walking Arm In Arm” at The Biltmore in sweaty HD!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our last show with LA punk legends the Zeros! We’ll have some pics up soon but in the meantime here is a video from our last show at the Biltmore. It was shot by Aurelién Michon and Julian Bowers, the two cuddliest guys in the world. This song is so new it hasn’t even been recorded yet so look for it maybe on our next album? Thanks again to everyone who has been sharing the link around for No Revival 2! It’s got a lot of downloads so far and we are all really proud of it so keep linking it to anyone and everyone!

Swell Season At Malkin Bowl 08/22/2010 Reviewed By Heather Welsh

The Swell Season at Malkin Bowl Sunday 22nd Aug.

Glen, The Frames and Black Francis

As I write this The Swell Season are just about coming to the end of their North American tour, and luckily for Vancouverites, this included a special performance outdoors at the Summer-special, soft-seater Malkin Bowl. The gorgeous Czech Marketa Irglova (complete with hot new pixie hair cut) and Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard blew me away. Support came from none other than The Pixies’ frontman Black Francis/Frank Black/Charles Thompson!

I, inexcusably, slept through getting to Stanley Park in time to see Black Francis perform alone. Luckily, he made an appearance later in the night but I will get to that later…

The first song was a Pixies cover (Cactus) by Glen and Marketa alone. Immediately it was obvious that Glen’s voice contrasts so well with Marketa’s. His is very Irish; strong, and impossibly loud (he even played one song without a mic!). Marketa’s voice is as delicate and soft as her playing. I knew how great they could be live from the film that thrust them into the limelight; ‘Once’. But hearing them together on stage was really moving and at the same time so much fun.

They played a couple of songs from the newer album, and of course the crowd pleasers from the film. Personal favourites included the more-recent single ‘Low Rising’, Marketa’s haunting ‘If You Want Me’, the decisive ‘When Your Mind’s Made Up’, and tear-jerker, ‘Once’. Glen hardly needed a microphone at all, his voice is so powerful. Despite the sad undertones in most of their songs, jokes were thrown about on stage and when Glen asked the sound guy to turn down the piano whilst Marketa was playing (He cited an abundance of sustain, saying “It just doesn’t sound good”) she pretended to be upset and stormed off stage. Then Glen did a little “I’m sorry” face at her whilst still singing. What a pair of cuties!

After the first song Glen invited some of the audience to get more intimate and sit up on the stage, so a few lucky ones got a few close-up songs before security broke up the party. Other highlights included a little 4 year old girl climbing on stage and dancing around, seemingly unaware of her audience. It was adorable!

Later on in the set, at the request of the audience, Glen broke into ‘Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy’ saying it felt like the whole evening had been leading up to that short ditty. And as part of the encore, we got to see Black Francis after all. They made a duet of ‘Where Is My Mind’ that was prefaced by the story of how Glen discovered the Pixies as a rabble-rousing teenager in Dublin and how much their music meant to him. It was the perfect finale! Black Francis leant in to snap him and Glen with his iPhone. I’ll have to see if I can find it on the internet somewhere….

Seeing The Swell Season live lived up to all of my expectations. Marketa was quiet and gorgeous, Glen lead the show, the fiddle was beautiful and the Glen/Marketa singing combo brought out a little eye juice. I suggest that you grab a chance to see this band live with both hands!!

-Heather Welsh

Eeek! Studio update by Julian Bowers

Well, folks, it didn’t take long.  Tim and I were the last to arrive and when we opened the door, it was already complete pandemonium.  Colin was in a stained bedsheet chanelling Caligula (Malcolm McDowell’s version) yelling he was God within human form.  Spence’s listless body had been hoisted onto a wall with a pentagram painted on his stomach and the words, “FOOLISH MORTAL” written on his forehead.  Devin and Rob were grovelling at Colin’s feet, offering him grapes and hams which they roasted overtop of a fire made from their instruments.  The less said about Cody, the better.  I’m just still shocked a human being could endure what happened to him.

I guess they had the idea that since the session would invariably end in disaster,  they decided to just go ahead start the mayhem themselves before anything else happened.  Tim, after a few moments of stunned horror, shruggged his shoulders and decided to join in and start flogging Devin and Rob while Colin laughed maniacally at the heavens.  I sipped a beer.  It’s complete debauchery.  Madness.

And to think we only wanted to record some songs.

Please send us photos of our loved ones.  Or Red Bull.  Preferably Red Bull.

-Julius Bowersius

[We’re serious about the red bull -Ed.]