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Announcing KFB004: Eeek!

Alrigh’ luvs,

I couldn’t be prouder to introduce to you, the newest KFB 7″ getting excited to sit on your shelf. It’s Eeek!’s debut 7″ for the fantastic song “Potential”. If you don’t know Eeek! they are long-time bros of the whole KFB family- Colin has played in The Shiny Diamonds and has been featured on our early digital compilations too. These guys live and breathe indie-rock and if you are into scrappy post-Cap’n Jazz emo I think you are gonna love it. The record is available to buy on our online store now, but it won’t ship for about 3 weeks.

Only 250 copies made! Hand numbered on forest green vinyl!



Sup Sup Sup

Heyo if you missed me on CITR’s Sup Radio with Melanie Coles back on May 1st, you can download the podcast here (copy and paste into browser):


I chat about the label and play some unreleased music by KFB artists!




Hey hey hey Catch me tomorrow morning (10:30 AM May 1st) on Sup World Radio with Melanie Coles Talking about Kingfisher Bluez and playing some upcoming KFB releases! Links to listen here: WOOP WOOP!!!

Merry Boxing Week!

Merry Boxing Week!

I know it’s a bit late but happy holidays to all of you! Despite being a thing since 2008, this is the first year KFB has released physical records. And we released 2! and there’s more coming! Our 4th Christmas party was our biggest yet and it was a resounding success as well, with me actually breaking even. Thank you so so so much for being there with us through all of this excitement! and thanks for buying our records! Seb Fleet and Count Oak’s Sun 7″ is now sold out in it’s limited glow-in-the-dark format and a less-limited black vinyl release will be out in january. Happy winter holidays!

New Poster for the Christmas Show!

After a hate-fueled email from Village, who despised my amateur attempt at a poster for our christmas show, I have commissioned this very lovely piece of work from Ryan Dyck at


Sun 7″ Now available from your favourite online retailer of digital music!

Hey hey I know y’all are excited for the new 7″ by Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak. Well GUESS WHAT not only am I shipping pre-orders this week, you can get your hands on a digital copy of the 7″ from iTunes, napster, rhapsody, zune, amazon mp3, emusic or whatever else exists now. It’s only .99 cents so if you are one of the mighty hordes of people who have the money to buy a 400 dollar walkman but don’t have 15 lousy dollars for a GLOW IN THE DARK record of which only a hundred copies exist, well this is for you!

HERE IS THE LINK (Canadian store at least)