Cottage Days featured in String Magazine


The absolute good-looking greatness of Cottage Days is now available to you as an interview with String Magazine. Check it out! I couldn’t be more proud of these guys and I can’t wait to get in the studio with them for real. You guys are all the best! More lathe cut vinyls coming soon from Julian Bowers, Teen Plaque and The Shiny Diamonds! Maybe cottage days too?


4 responses to “Cottage Days featured in String Magazine”

  1. Jainy says :

    Everyone’s looking very swell. Quite the article, actually, not just a one-picture sort of deal.

  2. Hoops says :

    standing in a wind tunnel

  3. Maria @ String Mag says :

    Glad you liked the article! These two are great musicians and super fun, too. No worries about not asking for permission for the pic–you put the credit in and that’s all we ask for! THUMBS UP.

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