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Stream the entire new OK Vancouver OK LP on Exclaim! plus interview with Jeff!

KFB6002 food shelter water

The new LP “Food. Shelter. Water” by OK Vancouver OK is now streaming in its entirety on! The vinyl is limited to /500 copies only and it’ll be out on Record Store Day (April 20th). Exclaim has interviewed bandleader Jeff Johnson about the record, which was produced by Eli Moore of K Records band Lake.

Exclaim says: “the record benefits from rich sonics, adding layers of guitar interplay, synth and general aural warmth that sets it apart from Johnson’s previous lo-fi endeavours.”

I am really excited about this release! Enjoy the music and see OK Vancouver OK come to your ok city ok this year on their massive world tour!




Dirty Beaches – Elizabeth’s Theme on Weird Canada

Dirty Beaches – Elizabeth’s Theme on Weird Canada

A lovely write-up on our Elizabeth’s Theme 7″ by Dirty Beaches from the excellent site Weird Canada!

Tim The Mute at the Main St Vinyl Fair in Vancouver

I attended the Main Street Vinyl Fair a few weeks ago, and here I am showing off one of my many excellent finds! Thanks for the interview, Charles!

Cottage Days featured in String Magazine


The absolute good-looking greatness of Cottage Days is now available to you as an interview with String Magazine. Check it out! I couldn’t be more proud of these guys and I can’t wait to get in the studio with them for real. You guys are all the best! More lathe cut vinyls coming soon from Julian Bowers, Teen Plaque and The Shiny Diamonds! Maybe cottage days too?


Let’s Wrestle from London interviewed by Tim the mute


Let’s Wrestle: Interview 10/09

by Tim The Mute

Let’s Wrestle are a fantastic new band from London, England. They are injected with a youthful vigor and sarcastic humor that set them apart from all the other bands that seem to be pouring out of there right now. Their debut album “In The Court Of The Wrestling, Let’s” is a cheeky reference to King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King“. Still in their teens, they make music that is smart, funny and obnoxious in equal measures. How can they have all those great influences at such a young age? How are they so clever and fun while we all sit at home alone playing records? This is a band that will truly make you jealous because you just want to be them but you didn’t hear the Television Personalities until your 20s and you are so neurotic that Woody Allen movies cheer you up.

Here is their myspace if you’d like to listen to their music while you’re reading this!

Buy their record here from Stolen Recordings (Only 300 copies on vinyl!)


KFB: Please introduce yourselves.

LW: I am Wesley Patrick Gonzalez I do the singing and that with my trusted guitar who’s name is Harriot St James Gonzalez the other 2 are Mike Lightning who is the bass wizard and there is Rev Darkus Bishop who has 2 sticks in which he plays drums with and he also has a PHD in Geology so he knows a lot about ROCK.

KFB: You guys look pretty young, how old are you?

LW: We are 18 years of age all 3 of us.

KFB: Do you have day jobs, and if so what do you do?

LW: Nope never worked a day of my life I’m a moocher the other 2 have no occupation either Mike has a bit of cash in hand work at the moment he’s building a house in the country.

KFB: Your song “I Won’t Lie To You” starts with the line “no matter how many records I buy, I can’t fill this void” That was what grabbed me right away and made me look you folks up. Are you guys vinyl junkies?

LW: Well I don’t buy Vinyl anymore mainly because I was too lazy to change the needle on my record player its a whole bus ride to the shop to get another one so I buy CDs but I don’t download stuff, that’s immoral. Mike and Darkus are both collectors of the old black plastic.

KFB: Do you have any interesting records in your collection worth bragging about?

LW: I have the original mix of Raw Power by Iggy And The Stooges which is almost impossible to find on CD, Pavement’s first single as well as a tape of Vic Godard and the Subway Sect’s unreleased first album but unfortunately don’t have a cassette player so have never been able to listen to it.

KFB: The English are known for their high-quality sitcoms, are there any shows that you watch religiously?

LW: Seinfeld is a big one I love Seinfeld my other favourite is Reeves And Mortimer two English comedians and they did a lot of programmes in the 90’s and I’ve collected everything they have ever done on VHS. There’s a programme on at the moment called Loose Women which I’m obsessed with at the moment its just a panel of middle aged women talking about how funny their husbands act and the like, it sounds awful but its my main way of finding out what goes on in the world and I hope it will make me a bit better with the ladies.

KFB: Tell me a hilarious anecdote that ends with someone puking.

LW: A few weeks ago we played a festival and I went to see my new favourite band Male Bonding after drinking about 12 beers jumped on stage, dived off, smacked my head on a railing, accidentally kicked a girl in the face (apparently she didn’t mind!) left the tent, insulted nearly everyone I talked to and then threw up on myself. This was at about 7 in the afternoon and then I had to go home and whilst having sick on myself went up to all the girls around me who were also walking back and invited them back to my house the next morning I phoned Mike up and asked what happened and once he told me I realized I was wearing the same clothes and hadn’t even noticed there was vomit on them! What a great day!

KFB: Tell us a bit about your new record and how/where you made it?

LW: It’s called In The Court Of The Wrestling Let’s we made it in the studio we’ve always worked in underneath a ukulele shop it took 21 hours I think, I calculated it a while ago and cant remember for sure. It is a pretty good record very poppy whilst being scuzzy at parts, the next record I think will be better there is already something like 29 songs but we are going to pick and choose the best ones. we have about 7 tracks rehearsed and ready to go that will definitely on the 2nd but we are working out the rest and the 2nd album tittle is Trought Mask Wrestlica as you can tell we prefer stealing other peoples titles than coming up with our own.

KFB: If you were driving on tour and you ran over an old man by accident, what would you do with the body and would you turn yourselves in?

LW: I wouldn’t do anything with the body or turn myself in hit and fucking run dude!!!

KFB: Thanks very much for joining me in this typed interview, Let’s Wrestle. I am really looking forward to hearing more from you! Are you coming to play Canada soon? Morrissey won’t play here because he thinks we all club baby seals. Truly sad, but he can do as he likes, having such fine hair and all.

LW: Thank you and you’re welcome I hope we can come to Canada soon but we have no immediate plans to. Fuck Morrissey I got up to his house and kill animals in protest in regards to him being a big pussy. Not really Morrissey is ok its his dickhead friend Johnny Marr who I have a problem with whats he doing joining all these new bands what a loser he’s like an Indie Pedophile.

KFB: Thanks guys!

Let’s Wrestle are playing at CMJ so check it out!


Brooklyn Band WEREWOLVES Interrogated By Tim The Mute


Werewolves Interview

by Tim the mute

Werewolves are a very cool young and talented band from Brooklyn, NY. They play a very NYC brand of danceable rock and roll with all the right influences from the last few decades in the city and overseas. They are one of the best new bands I’ve heard in years, only they seem to spend so much time making great music that they can’t fill mail orders to even the lowest of standards. Let’s see what they have to say for themselves.

Note: In case you are confused, KFB means me (Kingfisher Bluez), UW is Unknown Werewolf, a member of the band who didn’t make their name known in this email interview, and Ben is Ben the drummer.

Here is their myspace if you’d like something to listen to whilst you’re reading.

KFB: Hi Werewolves how are you doing?

UW: Hi, we are doing very well.

Ben: We’re doing well! A little burned out from touring and playing and being broke, but we’re sticking with it!

KFB: I ordered a record from you at the beginning of May, and it is now October. Why have I not received it?

WW: Ask Plays With Dolls Records. They did the same thing to the Vivian Girls, and currently Soft Black. We put out a record with the label and can’t even get in contact with them. It’s fucked. Once we rescue the records, it’s on.

KFB: I think you guys are a great band and I’d like to keep supporting you and buying your releases but this is getting pretty ridiculous. How can I buy anything off your store if I know I may never receive it?

UW: We’re fixing this problem by starting our own mailorder website with some other friends/bands. It will be more reliable- WE will be the ones mailing out the records – we don’t have to put trust in someone else who’ll just take your money and lie to us about mailing it – i.e. Plays With Dolls records. The ‘store’ you bought the record from was not ours, it was of a label we trusted and do not trust anymore.

Ben: Ditto. The best way to get something is to see us play live tho!

KFB: What is your favourite food?

UW: This is a very broad question. Let’s narrow it down to breakfast food- we’re never awake during the ‘breakfast hours’ so we’re constantly on the look-out for after hours breakfast joints. Here we go: Brian’s favorite breakfast food is tofu scramble. Kim’s favorite is scrambled eggs with portobello. Turner’s is a bacon, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. Mike and Ben’s are probably the same as Turner’s.

Ben: Ice cream. Sushi.

KFB: If you are never going to send my fire/water 7″ will you at least send my ten bucks back?

UW: You got charged ten bucks for that?????? That’s fucked up. We sell it for $5 at our shows.

[Ed- It was $10.40 cnd!!!]

KFB: Jainy ordered your record too and she got her copy! What’s up with that???
UW: I don’t know what is up with that, we don’t control the mailorder you ordered it from. I hope she enjoyed the lock-groove on side-b, though. Grrrroooooooovvvvvvvvvyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ben: I don’t know! we’re sorrrrryyyy!

KFB: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on the road?

UW: The funniest thing that has happened to us.. probably in san francisco. we thought we lost our van keys and waited for hours and hours getting a new key made. the next day we found them in a cigarette filter box.

Ben: Something funny that happened to us on our last tour is our van breaking down in arizona and we ended meeting some rad folks and got free recording time and stayed in a dope ass house!

KFB: Any final words for our readers? A plug for your new album perhaps?

WW: DON’T ORDER RECORDS FROM THE PLAYS WITH DOLLS MYSPACE PAGE. We are having problems with the dude who runs it – he is fucking over our friends and fans and we won’t stand for it. The mailorder we are starting will be up in sept. – it’s called the Magnetic Front. It’s run by artists for artists; a communal, volunteer-based mailorder run out of our house, early Dischord style. Our new album, DANCE RAINCOAT GLASS, will be available from the site on 12″ and CD. lots of cool shit will be up there for all ya’ll to dig. You can download the entire new record for free from, just search ‘dance raincoat glass’. Sorry you didn’t get your record Tim, we’ll work this out- even if we have to do some dangerous things to rescue the copies of fire/water.

Ben: Thanks for your support! you can download our entire album at:

KFB: Thanks guys!

Titus Andronicus at Kingfisher Bluez HQ


Titus Andronicus from New Jersey played a scorching show at the Biltmore in Vancouver about a week ago. We had a sleepover party at Kingfisher Bluez headquarters (my house) after, and they were quite astounded by the amount of crap just lying around. Now there may be a lot of crap in my house, but it’s not all mine! The inside is being redone right now so it’s all asunder. All in all, they were very nice guys and quite well-behaved. Here are some pictures!

vaccuum bike


Me: “Okay guys just say “Kingfisher Bluez dot com” into the camera. I won’t ask you anything difficult.”

Patrick: “Dot com?”

Me: “Okay well just say Kingfisher Bluez then. Alright, rolling!”

*Camera on*

Patrick: “Kingfisher Bluez…. dot com? or maybe not? This crazy fucking guy he’s got all these… he’s got way too much fucking stuff..”

Me: “What band are you guys?”

Patrick: “We’re Titus Andronicus um…um… too much stuff….”

Eric: “Kingfisher Bluez”

*Camera off*

Me: “Okay that’s enough for me.”


Titus Andronicus’ The Airing Of Grievances is out on XL Records