Titus Andronicus at Kingfisher Bluez HQ


Titus Andronicus from New Jersey played a scorching show at the Biltmore in Vancouver about a week ago. We had a sleepover party at Kingfisher Bluez headquarters (my house) after, and they were quite astounded by the amount of crap just lying around. Now there may be a lot of crap in my house, but it’s not all mine! The inside is being redone right now so it’s all asunder. All in all, they were very nice guys and quite well-behaved. Here are some pictures!

vaccuum bike


Me: “Okay guys just say “Kingfisher Bluez dot com” into the camera. I won’t ask you anything difficult.”

Patrick: “Dot com?”

Me: “Okay well just say Kingfisher Bluez then. Alright, rolling!”

*Camera on*

Patrick: “Kingfisher Bluez…. dot com? or maybe not? This crazy fucking guy he’s got all these… he’s got way too much fucking stuff..”

Me: “What band are you guys?”

Patrick: “We’re Titus Andronicus um…um… too much stuff….”

Eric: “Kingfisher Bluez”

*Camera off*

Me: “Okay that’s enough for me.”

Titus Andronicus’ The Airing Of Grievances is out on XL Records

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