Brooklyn Band WEREWOLVES Interrogated By Tim The Mute


Werewolves Interview

by Tim the mute

Werewolves are a very cool young and talented band from Brooklyn, NY. They play a very NYC brand of danceable rock and roll with all the right influences from the last few decades in the city and overseas. They are one of the best new bands I’ve heard in years, only they seem to spend so much time making great music that they can’t fill mail orders to even the lowest of standards. Let’s see what they have to say for themselves.

Note: In case you are confused, KFB means me (Kingfisher Bluez), UW is Unknown Werewolf, a member of the band who didn’t make their name known in this email interview, and Ben is Ben the drummer.

Here is their myspace if you’d like something to listen to whilst you’re reading.

KFB: Hi Werewolves how are you doing?

UW: Hi, we are doing very well.

Ben: We’re doing well! A little burned out from touring and playing and being broke, but we’re sticking with it!

KFB: I ordered a record from you at the beginning of May, and it is now October. Why have I not received it?

WW: Ask Plays With Dolls Records. They did the same thing to the Vivian Girls, and currently Soft Black. We put out a record with the label and can’t even get in contact with them. It’s fucked. Once we rescue the records, it’s on.

KFB: I think you guys are a great band and I’d like to keep supporting you and buying your releases but this is getting pretty ridiculous. How can I buy anything off your store if I know I may never receive it?

UW: We’re fixing this problem by starting our own mailorder website with some other friends/bands. It will be more reliable- WE will be the ones mailing out the records – we don’t have to put trust in someone else who’ll just take your money and lie to us about mailing it – i.e. Plays With Dolls records. The ‘store’ you bought the record from was not ours, it was of a label we trusted and do not trust anymore.

Ben: Ditto. The best way to get something is to see us play live tho!

KFB: What is your favourite food?

UW: This is a very broad question. Let’s narrow it down to breakfast food- we’re never awake during the ‘breakfast hours’ so we’re constantly on the look-out for after hours breakfast joints. Here we go: Brian’s favorite breakfast food is tofu scramble. Kim’s favorite is scrambled eggs with portobello. Turner’s is a bacon, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. Mike and Ben’s are probably the same as Turner’s.

Ben: Ice cream. Sushi.

KFB: If you are never going to send my fire/water 7″ will you at least send my ten bucks back?

UW: You got charged ten bucks for that?????? That’s fucked up. We sell it for $5 at our shows.

[Ed- It was $10.40 cnd!!!]

KFB: Jainy ordered your record too and she got her copy! What’s up with that???
UW: I don’t know what is up with that, we don’t control the mailorder you ordered it from. I hope she enjoyed the lock-groove on side-b, though. Grrrroooooooovvvvvvvvvyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ben: I don’t know! we’re sorrrrryyyy!

KFB: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on the road?

UW: The funniest thing that has happened to us.. probably in san francisco. we thought we lost our van keys and waited for hours and hours getting a new key made. the next day we found them in a cigarette filter box.

Ben: Something funny that happened to us on our last tour is our van breaking down in arizona and we ended meeting some rad folks and got free recording time and stayed in a dope ass house!

KFB: Any final words for our readers? A plug for your new album perhaps?

WW: DON’T ORDER RECORDS FROM THE PLAYS WITH DOLLS MYSPACE PAGE. We are having problems with the dude who runs it – he is fucking over our friends and fans and we won’t stand for it. The mailorder we are starting will be up in sept. – it’s called the Magnetic Front. It’s run by artists for artists; a communal, volunteer-based mailorder run out of our house, early Dischord style. Our new album, DANCE RAINCOAT GLASS, will be available from the site on 12″ and CD. lots of cool shit will be up there for all ya’ll to dig. You can download the entire new record for free from, just search ‘dance raincoat glass’. Sorry you didn’t get your record Tim, we’ll work this out- even if we have to do some dangerous things to rescue the copies of fire/water.

Ben: Thanks for your support! you can download our entire album at:

KFB: Thanks guys!

4 responses to “Brooklyn Band WEREWOLVES Interrogated By Tim The Mute”

  1. Jainy says :

    I was listening to “Fire” today. I paid like $11 or $12. Anyway the band promised me a vinyl copy of their album after my review of it, which has never showed up but I can’t really criminalize them for that because it was going to be free….

  2. turner says :

    man stumbled upon this again its beeen years i dunno if anyone even replied to my first comment the dude from pwd still has a bunch of copies of fire/water which im going to try and get some from him and i still have some copies of the unreleased full length if yr still interested in any way after all these times ill send you both free of charge as long as its in the states

    • timthemute says :

      Hi Turner! It was so cool of you guys to come on my dinky little blog and be shamed for your poor mail order skills! It’s been over five years but I still love that werewolves record I finally got many months later! Obviously the dude from your label is a dickhead who probably shouldn’t be trying to run a label. Is he still doing it? Are you guys still a band? Hope you are well! //t

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