Eeek! Studio update by Julian Bowers

Well, folks, it didn’t take long.  Tim and I were the last to arrive and when we opened the door, it was already complete pandemonium.  Colin was in a stained bedsheet chanelling Caligula (Malcolm McDowell’s version) yelling he was God within human form.  Spence’s listless body had been hoisted onto a wall with a pentagram painted on his stomach and the words, “FOOLISH MORTAL” written on his forehead.  Devin and Rob were grovelling at Colin’s feet, offering him grapes and hams which they roasted overtop of a fire made from their instruments.  The less said about Cody, the better.  I’m just still shocked a human being could endure what happened to him.

I guess they had the idea that since the session would invariably end in disaster,  they decided to just go ahead start the mayhem themselves before anything else happened.  Tim, after a few moments of stunned horror, shruggged his shoulders and decided to join in and start flogging Devin and Rob while Colin laughed maniacally at the heavens.  I sipped a beer.  It’s complete debauchery.  Madness.

And to think we only wanted to record some songs.

Please send us photos of our loved ones.  Or Red Bull.  Preferably Red Bull.

-Julius Bowersius

[We’re serious about the red bull -Ed.]

5 responses to “Eeek! Studio update by Julian Bowers”

  1. heath says :

    I wish I could send you Red Bull! I have their freebies too…. just one glitch, they are in Engerland. P.s. maybe I should just send you more beer Julian?

    • Julian says :

      As far as beer’s concerned, I’m fine, as you can see how wasted I am from my typos.

      I spelt “shrugged” with an extra g, and the line, “…they decided to just go ahead start the mayhem themselves…” is supposed to have an “and” somewhere in there.


      • heath says :

        I always knew you were a big waster Julian Bowers.

      • Hannah says :

        Please Julian, seek help. Your friends and family love you so much, it hurts everyone around you to see you give into your addictions like this.

  2. Jainy says :

    Of course the best part regarding the comments section is that everyone talks about Julian sipping a beer, rather than flogging or Caligula-like antics.

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