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Eeek! 7″ Release Show! White Poppy Video Premiere!

Hey the excellent Berlin-based blog NO FEAR OF POP has premiered the upcoming kfb single “Mirage Man” by White Poppy, which is part of our new singles series!


and another thing!

This is tonight! The release show for Eeek!’s new 7″, Potential. The other bands are local heroes Philoceraptor, Oh No! Yoko, and the 80th Action. Those bands are good and eeek! is good too so go see it and love it. You can buy the record here too! That is a thing.

Facebook invite link!

The Kingfisher Bluez Single-Sided Singles Club: Vancouver DIY



Green and Gold!


Eeek! 7″s shipping this week!
Haven’t bought one yet? Buy it HERE

Tim The Mute – Anything You Want Video

Devon and I went to Granville Island and played in a park!

Sam and Neil hung out and and taped it.

Here it is!

Buy the 7″ HERE!!!

Announcing KFB005- Adam Stafford: Shot-Down You Summer Wannabes

Adam Stafford is a Scottish singer and songwriter in the same vein as Arab Strap or the Twilight Sad (the latter he directs videos for and recently toured with), but Adam brings a unique experimental lilt to his indie rock that is a little less sad bastard and a little more childlike wonder. This acclaimed filmmaker and frontman for Falkirk greats Y’all Is Fantasy Island is releasing his debut solo single this summer on Kingfisher Bluez, and we couldn’t be happier! The single features just Adam’s voice and a loop pedal, evolving and deepening as he adds more layers. So sit back and let it happen to you!

“Shot-Down You Summer Wannabes” ships in August. Sorry this has been delayed til the new year!


Watch the brand new live video for “Shot-down You Summer Wannabes” below! Full screen it!

Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak Reviewed in Discorder Magazine

The lovely people at Discorder have reviewed Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak‘s Sun 7″ and they had all sorts of nice to say about it.

“The psych-folk tendencies on Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak’s first 7” display the band’s already unique and distinctive sound, something difficult to claim in a day and age of pastiche and revivals.”

Click the thing to read the thing!!

Buy the thing!

The Tiiiiimes, They Are A’ Asian!

Village’s upcoming single on Kingfisher Bluez has been featured on Canadian music journal, Exclaim!

“…chiming guitars and velvety vocals that are blanketed in a thick swath of narcotic reverb. The tempos are slow and the arrangements relatively sparse, giving the songs a woozy, morning-after feel.” – Alex Hudson,

ImageClick to read!


Village’s EP will be available from our webstore late summer/early fall. Very exciting!