Merry Boxing Week!

Merry Boxing Week!

I know it’s a bit late but happy holidays to all of you! Despite being a thing since 2008, this is the first year KFB has released physical records. And we released 2! and there’s more coming! Our 4th Christmas party was our biggest yet and it was a resounding success as well, with me actually breaking even. Thank you so so so much for being there with us through all of this excitement! and thanks for buying our records! Seb Fleet and Count Oak’s Sun 7″ is now sold out in it’s limited glow-in-the-dark format and a less-limited black vinyl release will be out in january. Happy winter holidays!

4 responses to “Merry Boxing Week!”

  1. Dave says :

    What is the name of that beast living on your face?!

  2. Dave says :

    Yes, I like ‘Bernard.’ Let’s settle on that.

  3. Dave says :

    Or maybe Eric.

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