John The Baptist is Wed!

Photo by Heather Welsh.

Hello friends,

I am proud to announce that yesterday, (9/3/2011) Tyler Carriere aka John The Baptist of the Kingfisher Bluez Recording Company was wed at a private ceremony on Vancouver Island. I was honoured to be his best man and I have a few additional comments to share:

I am lucky enough to have been Tyler’s friend for the last eight years and I can say without a doubt if you had told me in January that I would be here today, typing my best man speech into his laptop the morning after his wedding, I would have believed you. In January, Tyler hadn’t even the faintest premonition of his impending nuptials. He had just moved to the Comox Valley, in hopes of paying off his phone bill before his journey to New York to live out his life as a Carthusian Monk (but that’s another story).

Tyler is the sort of person who dives headlong into everything he does, and I couldn’t be more proud of him for diving into his new life as a husband, father and business owner. Now that he’s taken these vows, he won’t be taking the previously intended vow of silence and I can say that Kingfisher Bluez will be that much richer with his continued presence, his unmistakable voice, and unequivocal passion for life, music and art.

Thank you Tyler, John the Baptist, with all the love in the world. You will always have a home at Kingfisher Bluez!

-Tim the mute

September, 4th 2011

Comox, B.C.

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