Holy WOW! Teen Plaque 7″s are up for pre-order

That’s right, the debut 7″ from KFB megastars Teen Plaque is now up for grabs! There are 50 copies available. They are each one hand-numbered and lathe-cut into a very limited edition vinyl. There aren’t even really fifty because Jamie is getting some and I am getting one or two as well. El Searlo doesn’t need any because he punched his turntable and broke it. To any of my friends or KFB artists who think you will get one just because we share straws in our cherry cokes, well tough noogies because these are limited limited and there are no promos and only the fifty lathe cuts so if you want one better order it now!


One response to “Holy WOW! Teen Plaque 7″s are up for pre-order”

  1. colinthroughthegrapevine says :

    i want one

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