Shiny Diamonds Update – 11/16/09

Once again, this is Julian.  I managed to survive the horde of teenaged girls and keep myself alive under the rubble of the once-proud Fadermaster studio.

Well, everyone else survived the ordeal, too, and we made a makeshift studio out of the remains of the studio and our tears. Right now, they’re working on “By Grand Central Station, I Laid Down And Slept”. We have a chart in the studio which lists what we’ve done on it, and it’s becoming nice and colourful. It’s filled with pandas, patriotic Spaniards, mouths and various exclamations “RAW” and “RAWK”. The chart is by far what we’re putting the most effort into out of these whole sessions. It’s already worth millions of dollars.

Below are some photos of yesterday’s session. Enjoy!


Calen in Fadermaster

Doctor Jamie At Work

El Searleo

Our Nameless Intern

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