Shiny Diamonds Studio Update #5

It’s 3am and we’ve just finished our second day of recording. Jamie looks pretty tired and Spencer looks near death. We’re back at my place now and the guys are asleep upstairs. Everyone has been playing incredibly and I’ve never been so proud to have these three guys beside me. Spencer, I can’t thank you enough. You are invincible. Thanks to our nameless intern and to Jamie for your enthusiasm and willingness to pull out the gongs. More updates on a daily basis so keep checking back!


Here is Julian’s second video, featuring an interview with Calen:

2 responses to “Shiny Diamonds Studio Update #5”

  1. colera says :

    oh boy cant wait to see the Quinn interview! He’s my favorite member, I have all his collector trading cards and a pair of his used boxers!!!!!!

  2. Julian says :

    Dude, it’s all about the Miles 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition Card, which has him straddling a unicorn into space. Only 300 in the world!

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