A Message From Obstructive Vibrations, Makers Of The “Deadly Copper Single”

what's up

hey tim

i’d like to apologize on behalf of obstructive vibrations for the terrible experience with the what’s up/sighborg split.  i hope your finger is feeling better.
the reason your code didn’t work was probably due to some server transitions that were happening around the time of what’s up’s tour that we were unaware of.  please check out obstructivevibe.com and enter this code;   ballhatz1.   feel free to spread this code to your friends as we’ve almost sold out of the copper.
Thanks Robby!
In case you are wondering what this means, please find in the archives THIS REVIEW. They emailed us, so I can only imagine what the discovery of this review was like to them.
I have been quite ill so the posting has been a bit slow but I’ll be back around soon.
Go download the What’s Up single and count yourself lucky you don’t have to play it on a turntable!

4 responses to “A Message From Obstructive Vibrations, Makers Of The “Deadly Copper Single””

  1. Julian says :

    It was MY finger, not Tim’s! Gah!

    That was cool of them, though.

  2. Jains says :

    Excellent, free music!

  3. Colera says :


    dl code ballhatz1 is not a valid code.


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