“NO REVIVAL, Volume 1” released!

Yes it’s finally out! Download our new compilation right now because it’s totally free and even in high-quality 320 mp3s. CDs will soon be available as well, for those who enjoy physical music products and lossless audio (bless your little hearts!)

NO REVIVAL, Volume 1

Our first compilation featuring a bunch of great bands! Plus, it is free so download it and share it with your friends, your mom, your dental hygienist etc. Click on the album cover to download!



1. The Shiny Diamonds – Cop Killer
2. Count Oak – Pulitzer
3. Eek! –Juice’s Lament No. 2
4. Born By Science – This Ain’t Good
5. The Lion in Love – Apocalypse, Please Sign The Release Form First
6. Pretty Eyes for Captain America – Elephant Wars
7. Gold and Shadow – On Pym Street
8. Plastic Chair Explosion – Shoplifter
9. Village – Claustrophobic Romance
10. Button Fields – Starstruck
11. Bashu – Song for Lazy Lover
12. Julian Bowers And Just Saying It’s Not Enough – Tell me the Time (And Then Tell Me You Love Me)
13. Sommer –Black Sunset
14. Teen Plaque – Fuck the Revolution!

Thanks for supporting Kingfisher Bluez!

3 responses to ““NO REVIVAL, Volume 1” released!”

  1. Dave Morrison says :

    A sampler of quality, my friends. What a splendid Christmas gift to the discerning. The Village, Lion in Love and Button Fields tracks are nothing short of spectacular. Yummy. Like eggnog.

  2. 30daysinthehole says :

    A great mix of original artists that accent the history of rock and pop music, borrowing and recreating formulas. (Don’t worry, I’m not just talking about myself here.)

  3. Julian says :

    Any idea when the live recordings are going to be released?


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