KFB003 Tim The Mute – Anything You Want / Really Something


(Photo by heather welsh.tumblr.com)

Hello favourite friends!

It is with a happy heart I proudly announce my debut solo 7″, “Anything You Want” which has the esteemed catalogue number of KFB003. It is in my house now and it is for sale in the Kingfisher Bluez online store. It features the lovely humans Devon Parkin and Village and it is limited to a mere 150 copies.

BUY IT!!!!

Thank you!

2 responses to “KFB003 Tim The Mute – Anything You Want / Really Something”

  1. touchdown15 says :

    hey TIM the mute, how can i sample your songs, before i come up there to buy your album, tommy

    • timthemute says :

      Hi Tommy, there is no digital release currently but if you send me an email I will make an mp3 or something for you. Thanks!

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