No Revival 2! Download it now!!!

Yes it’s finally here! Our second compilation. I could honestly not stress more how much work was put into recording these songs and arranging this compilation. All of these artists mean a lot to me; as artists and as people. More importantly however, these songs mean something to me and I chose each of them because I really do care about the quality of music that KFB releases. For a year and a half now, this “record label” has been a big and exciting part of my life. I can’t imagine having a better group of people to share this time with. Thanks to the artists for their help. Thanks for coming to this website. Welcome to our new friends. Please support independent record shops and DIY labels. Form a band. Record everything. Fight the power!

-Tim the mute, Vancouver B.C. 8/17/10



1. Fall Fair Car – Come Around
2. The Lion In Love – Unceremonious Splendour
3. Eeek! – Sassafrance
4. Julian Bowers is Getting Married – Getting Married
5. The Shiny Diamonds – Such A Sucker
6. Cottage Days – Everything Was Beautiful, And Now
7. Born By Science – V Card
8. Pretty Eyes For Captain America – Under The Stands
9. Sticky Silver – Turpentine Girl
10. Red Soul – Eyeliner
11. Gold And Shadow – Fiction
12. Count Oak – Hungry For Us
13. Devon Parkin- Glass And Marble
14. Sommer – Whipped In The Wind
15. Teen Plaque – Teen Plaque Text Message
16. Button Fields – Untitled
17. Village – Stranger Thoughts
18. I Came Back For You- Hey Kid

One response to “No Revival 2! Download it now!!!”

  1. Dave Morrison says :

    Great work, Tim. Very impressive. I’m particularly taken with the tracks from Cottage Days, Eeek!, Fall Fair Car and Sticky Silver, but it’s an all around great listen. You should make sure Ro Cemm knows about this if he doesn’t already.

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