Eek Studio Update V

Hello All Music Lovers and Lovers of Musicians,

Tim and I are here at FaderMaster Studios finishing up the Eeek! album. It’s 5 am and we’re slowly going over our work and checking it twice. This project is shaping up to be an amazing product of 21st century musical genius. I, by the way, am Spencer D Carson the Kingfisher Bluez resident engineer/producer. This is my first post here, so I guess I should make it a good one! Tonight we’ve mixed 3 songs and added wicked percussion to one, that will blow your multi-rhythmic part of your brain away.  Well I better get back to help Tim with some gang vocal mixing! If you want to learn more about FaderMaster Studios here’s the link to the website:


– Spencer


9am and we’re off to go sleep. I officially hate guitars! Not really but one gave me “analysis paralysis” and Tim thought I died. So I’m going to sleep for a while and then off to go ice skating. Hopefully I can then listen to the songs and critique them after falling on my ass a billion times.

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