Shiny Diamonds Update #8 – 11/18/09

Hey, everyone. Once again in the studio. Miles and Calen have disappeared into the warp zone under the sink in the bathroom, but we’re continuing on without them. If you’ve heard anything from them, please let us know. However, the album’s really coming together now, as most of the guitars, bass, drums and vocals are done. All we need now are effects and mixing. Hey, maybe we don’t need Miles and Calen anymore. Guys, if you are reading this in some parallel universe, thanks a bunch!

Below is a heartwarming photo of the band using Calen as a footrest.


Loyal servant Calen providing comfort

One response to “Shiny Diamonds Update #8 – 11/18/09”

  1. calen says :

    call me crazy but I find this photo and caption slightly demeaning

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