Shiny Diamonds Studio Update #7

It’s 3am again. Back in from the studio after recording our longest song yet, “Iron Cross” which also features the first mid-song full band instrument-switch in Shiny Diamonds recording history! We can’t wait for you guys to hear more of our new material. More overdubs tomorrow and 3 more vocal tracks left to do, and then on to the mixing! Thanks so much for all your continued support, and yes we did use the vocal take I did while sitting on Jamie’s back while he hops around.


Here is Julian’s latest video. Thanks Julian!

3 responses to “Shiny Diamonds Studio Update #7”

  1. icouldbesplendid says :

    Woooo, rock that stylophone! Beatrix Potter may have been crazy, but she wrote and illustrated a lot of awesome books.

    Keep up the good work boys, you’re doing great.


  2. colera says :

    Tim is too awkward

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