Shiny Diamonds Studio Update!


Hey so guess what? Your favourite band, The Shiny Diamonds will be heading into the studio tomorrow to record our new album. More updates will be made throughout the week to keep you up to date on our progress. Get ready for some really exciting updates, clips of our new songs being recorded, and all sorts of video goodies too!

Four very exciting facts:

-Julian Bowers will be joining us in the studio to help keep this site up to date with pictures, video and interviews with the band!

-We are in the studio from Sunday the 15th until Friday the 20th!

-Jamie Stewart of the band Xiu Xiu is producing the album!

-The album is titled “A Histriony Of Violence”!

See you soon!

One response to “Shiny Diamonds Studio Update!”

  1. jessica says :

    exciting updates, video goodies and song clips, oh my!
    how wonderful 🙂

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