Shiny Diamonds Studio Update – 11/15/09

Hello from Fadermaster, folks!  This is Julian.  I’m here to update you on your Shiny Diamonds info!  There’s a ton of screaming fangirls outside, and about half the time we’re fending them off with bamboo canes, so Tim suggested that I write an update as to distract them for a few minutes.

At the moment, the band’s working on the track, “Empress of the World”.  Jamie’s giving pointers, we’re blasting our way thorugh songs, we got some herion, Quinn’s pretty much dead, Calen’s bleeding and screaming, and Spence seems to be doing all right.  “I’ve seen it before,” he says.  “Back in Nam.”

The songs sound great.  They’ve done about three tracks so far.  Tim has yet to do his vocals, but we’re considering sampling his dictatorial like commands and changing it to a dystopian hip-hop album.

Well, that about wraps it up for me.  The girls have broke the barricade, and it looks like my time is up.  I regret nothi–

One response to “Shiny Diamonds Studio Update – 11/15/09”

  1. icouldbesplendid says :

    When should I come by with the chocolate bars?


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