Okay guys Colin from Kingfisher Bluez’s own Count Oak was at the bar the other night and he was totally macking on this blonde chick with tattoos she was looking hot, but was a bit out of his league. After a few drinks he decided to make his move! He slunk up to her at the bar and started to talk about how he is the creative genius behind one of the best bands on one of Canada’s best indie labels. Surprisingly, she was impressed by this, and immediately started leaning on him as if he were a lamp-post or a street-sign. They totally made out.

Way to go Colin!!!!

As you can see, a good time was had by all! Congratulations to Colin and his new friend!



Listen to or buy Count Oak’s newest album here!

4 responses to “COUNT OAK HOOKS UP BIG TIME!!!”

  1. Dave Morrison says :

    It was the little red arm truck that did it. Way to go, Colin, you tart.

  2. colera says :

    fucking amazing, bringing hope to pale gingers everywhere.

  3. Hannah says :

    Man, I’ve been telling people in bars I’m the creative genius behind Count Oak for AGES. Total hottie magnet.

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