Pauly Shore Is An Asshole: A Review By Amanda Lilly

Pauly Shore is an asshole

pauly shore

A review of Pauly Shore’s stand up comedy show on September 12th 2009

By Amanda Lily

For my birthday this year I was gifted with two tickets to see Pauly Shore do stand up comedy at the Vogue Theatre. I was excited… very excited. I have been a Pauly Shore fan for a while now and actually own (and watch) several of his movies. I invited Steph to come along with me, and the excitement level went from high to abnormal. We even made our own t-shirts proclaiming our admiration for Mr. Shore and his silly flicks. Most people, when I tell them I like Pauly Shore, either laugh at me or don’t know who he is. Fair enough on both counts. After the show on Saturday night, I may have to laugh at myself as well.

Steph and I arrived at the Vogue, settled into our second row seats, and struck up a few conversations with fellow show goers. The guys beside us had received free tickets from a friend. They weren’t very big fans and said they thought they may have seen Encino Man once. The guys in front of us had also somehow procured free tickets, and thought they may have seen “that one movie where he is on the farm” once. Okay… sweet, we are probably the biggest fans here! Pauly is gonna love us! We’ll at least get a picture right? On with the show. There were three opening acts, none particularly memorable. One guy took his shirt off, and one guy talked about Ed Hardy clothes. Then it was time for Pauly! WooooooOOooooOoOoOoh! Steph and I cheered, laughed at every joke, cheered more and had a great time. Pauly was actually fairly funny (if not memorably funny) and we had a great time.

After the show ended we got in line at the merch table so that we could meet Pauly and hopefully get a picture. The girls ahead of us loved our shirts and let us go to the front of the line since we were “obviously pretty big fans.” Sweet. Here comes Pauly Shore! Wooo! Steph goes to take a picture of him and he BLOCKS HIS FACE. Then he requests that the lights get turned down around the merch table (thus preventing any good photos). We ask him to sign our shirts, which he didn’t even look at or comment on while scribbling on them with a sharpie. We ask if we can take a picture with him, and he tells us that if we aren’t buying anything that we have to get out of the merch line, and that he might take pictures later on the other side of the lobby. We were then shooed away.

Wow. What a dick. Needless to say we didn’t stick around, and I think it’s time to start laughing at myself for liking Pauly Shore in the first place.


Amanda plays in the band Sticky Silver


17 responses to “Pauly Shore Is An Asshole: A Review By Amanda Lilly”

  1. jains says :

    I always remember the line from Clueless, “it was like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” What a dick.

  2. dj says :

    that photo is a fake or pauly shore has an eating disorder, that guy is way too skinny

  3. Jimbo says :

    I met Pauly Shore while coming out of the Comedy Store once. He is a short, talentless little asshole. His contribution to Film has only been to give us something to base what “bottom of the barrel” is. If it were not for his parents who were the owners of the Comedy Store, he’d be a little weed dealing loser or some jerk managing a McDonalds or Taco Bell.

  4. Angel Lebin says :

    Fuck all you botches who dont like him…i think he’s adorable and he is nice to me! i met him once and was happy to sighn my shirt, so maybe your overreacting

  5. amanda says :

    He’s amazing and knows how to eat p***y, oh and is an insane lover! You should have to pay to take a picture, it’s worth it you cheap woman. You’re probably so ugly you’d have to take the picture in the dark to look better anyways 🙂

  6. Michael Mirnoff says :

    I met Pauly Shore last Friday at Flappers. Pauly is one of the nicest and friendliest comedians or celebrities I have ever met, and I have met quite a few.after his first show of the night (which by the way he had 2 shows) he made sure he signed autographs for everybody at the merchandise line and took pictures with everybody, He even went so far to give out merchandise to people who couldn’t afford the prices. I over heard him tell a fan that he had really hurt his back badly the day before and when asked by the fan why he doesn’t go and rest before his next show? He answered that he would rather give the people there moneys worth rather than be selfish. I waited till after everyone was done because I actually wanted to talk with him. Unfortunatly he was called to the stage before I could get a picture or get to talk to him. I ran up to him before he went back into the stage room and asked him if I could still get a picture and he agreed to let me take a picture with him and even apologized to me repeatedly for forgetting about me. You tell me does this sound like a jerk, because to me that sounds like an incredibly good person.

    • john walton says :

      not seeing him on our club circuit till dec. of this year 2014…but i belive ur review more than the bad ones…all the comics are exactly the way you say….my fav. so far tom arnold a really stand up guy…looking forward to seeing pauly in dec.

    • Cat says :

      Sounds to me like he was high.

  7. Megan says :

    I met him at a train station in Los Angeles once, he was totally rude to me. I was obsessed with him at one point so I was super star struck when I saw him. I walked up to him with a pen and my train ticket to sign and he snatched it out of my hand, signed it then shooed me away. Maybe he’s just a moody guy, or he’s only nice when he’s loaded or something but I’ve met a lot of celebrities and he was totally not cool……

    • bob costas says :

      If you have absolutely no talent, i can see why he would be an asshole all the time. he is rude, treats people like shit, and relies on his fathers comedic talent, which did not rub off on him. the whole family is screwed up, poor pauly, go back to hookers and drugs

  8. James M. says :

    Saw him in La Jolla and he was awful, he had nothing prepared and basically came for a paycheck. Selfish little pr*ck.

  9. wilfred charette says :

    pauly shore should have been on jersey shore

  10. Dweezel Zappa says :

    The guy is a total loser. Ran into him in an airport in Baltimore about 8 yrs back. This douche of a weasel friend of his in a black trench coat was pacing back and forth as we departed the plane. I didn’t even realize the idiot was on the same plane. When I spotted him with his crack head friend they were strutting up to baggage claim like the Queen of England had just arrived. Poor Polly looked like a homeless vagabond that just stepped off a Greyhound bus. He was acting like someone who way trying to be noticed by acting like he didn’t want to be seen, it was quite hilarious. A bunch of guys standing next to our group saw we were giving the same look of oh mah gawd as they were and we had a huge laugh.

  11. Alexis Jackson says :

    Cannot believe this old man is still trying to act like Crawl from Son in Law. The movie was funny back then …. to us as teenagers, but totally lameass now. And who goes by the name ‘Pauly’ anyway? Looked him up expecting an adult and just saw a washed up has been who should have grown up years ago. Even his fb posts are juvenile. Asks who is coming to pick him up from the airport….the only one or two faking interest aren’t even on the same continent. Time to act your age….Paul. Even Cheech and Chong have lives…

  12. Elmo says :

    My boyfriend went to see him last night. Pauly was a straight up douche bag. My boyfriend gave him a compliment and tried to give Paula a fist bump, but didn’t return it. My boyfriend also asked for a photo with him. Apparently, Pauly mumbled something under his breath and wanted the photo over with. You can tell in the photo he took. He made my boyfriend’a night even worse than it already was. He was looking forward to it for a few weeks. Paula is nothing but a washed up jerk.

  13. Cat says :

    My daddy did security for him 1 time and said he was a total douche.

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