Shiny Diamonds Studio Update From Calen D!

So here at fader master on this day July 23rd. Day has been extremely successful so far, not only have we finished all the beds and some overdubs for the demos, but I think we all learned a little bit about ourselves. In between recording we made sure to maintain the band workout regime, jumping on garbage, skanking and jogging, thinking about vandalism. Thanks to the wonders of technology and our good friend Jainy this whole wonderful day will be available on dvd and youtube, where it will no doubt change many lives, and perhaps even save a few…The band also had the opportunity to work on their acting skills, as we lip synced and faked suicide to an earlier hit that will be released on video imminently. Seeing a chance to rack up the long distance on the studio phone, I will leave you until next time….

-Calen D.


3 responses to “Shiny Diamonds Studio Update From Calen D!”

  1. 30daysinthehole says :

    For those who don’t know, recording is not nearly as glamourous or exciting as it seems. We nearly started watching The Sandlot. But a good time was had by all, except maybe Spencer….

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